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Creating Mount Adams

A Message from the Wade brothers

This video was filmed when “Mount Adams” was signed on by a distribution company. They thought the story of how the movie was made would be interesting to people, and suggested creating a short video about it. 

At the time, we had 3 days to get all of the files off to the company. We were already swamped with creating the captions list, end credits, rendering out the final version of the movie, etc. For those three days, Tim stayed up for 63 hours straight to finish the files. 

That’s when we filmed this video. Tim was so exhausted during filming!

We had to do this fast, and with no budget, so everyone you see is a part of our core team! The three extras are Danny and Joshua Weiss, and Just B. Jordan.

We had a lot of fun making this, and hope it was an interesting look at what it took to create “Mount Adams!”

For more behind-the-scenes stories and photos from “Mount Adams” re-shoots, you can check out Jordan’s post about it here.

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