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Mount Adams – Two Week Release Update!

Our action/adventure scifi film “Mount Adams” has finally been released! It has been a LONG road to get here. This project took 5 years and thousands of hours to complete. We’re a small company. All of the editing, CGI, and music was done by one guy – Tim. We couldn’t afford to hire anyone else!

Having it out and available to the world is quite a strange feeling. At times we thought it would never get here.

“Mount Adams” was released on August 3rd (2021), and we are quite surprised at how well it is doing. It almost feels like we’re in an alternate reality. It’s incredible what’s happened in just two weeks:


  • The official trailer was viewed over 6,000 times.
  • An unofficial trailer hit 45,000 views.
  • The movie got 96 ratings on its IMDB page.
  • It got 7 ratings on Amazon (It’s always harder to get reviews there, so that’s a good number!)
  • Mount Adams broke into the current top 5,000 movies of all time on IMDB and has stayed there for two weeks so far. At its highest it reached 3,240!
  • It had a physical DVD release into nearly every Walmart nation wide.
  • It is currently the #8 most popular movie for Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (out of the 1,200+ movies on their distribution list), according to the IMDB movie meter.



The past two weeks have been a wild ride! We’re still reeling a little bit. Excitement, disbelief, minor panic attacks…

We’re getting down to business to help promote “Mount Adams” to the public. Nothing stays in the lime light forever, but we look forward to seeing how far this will go. And don’t worry, we’re already in pre-production for out next feature film! We’ll be announcing it soon. 


“Mount Adams” stars Emily Sweet from Netflix’s “Hostage House,” Tim Wade, Allesondra Helwig, Greg James, and Matthew O’Donnell. It is based on the true phenomena surrounding Washington’s mountain by the same name.




Release Date: August 3rd, 2021

Director: Phillip Wade




  • August 17, 2021
    Christopher Wade

    It was a fun movie and very well done with such a skeleton crew. My wife and I got the opportunity to be extras and it was a blast! Looking forward to helping out with other projects in the future!


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