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Meet the Team


Ambition Pictures was started by Phillip Wade and Timotheus Hucklestone in 2012. Since then Ambition Pictures has produced films that have been featured at nearly a dozen film festivals around the world, including the Portland International Film Festival, Västerås Film Festival, and the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. In 2014 they produced a science fiction drama titled, Manifest: the Chryzinium Era, which premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Their 2016 short film, Dude in the Headlights, was rated by the Northwest Film Center in the top 8 short films of the year and received a nod in The Oregonian. Their first feature film, “Mount Adams” received a DVD release in Walmarts nationwide, and its trailer gained over 100,000 views.   Ambition Pictures is now in production on their second feature film, based on the award-winning sci-fi short story Life Cycle 63.

Meet the team

Phillip and Tim are the core of Ambition Pictures. They naturally fill the roles of producer/director/camera operator and director/VFX/editor/actor. Their first films were childhood home movies about adventures in the woods and dinosaurs. Over the years, they honed their skills until they created award-winning short films. Between the two, they covered nearly every critical role in a film company. Then the Wade Brothers met author Just B. Jordan. They brought her on to help write “Mount Adams” re-shoots, and not long after she officially joined the Ambition Pictures family as scriptwriter & social media, costumes, and props manager. Matthew O’Donnell was next to join the core Ambition family as a producer, set designer & builder, and actor.

Phillip Wade 

Phillip Wade is a producer/director with over 200 media productions under his belt, with clients ranging from state and local governments to various corporate sectors. After co-founding Ambition Pictures with his brother Tim, they produced films that have been featured at nearly a dozen film festivals, including the Portland International Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival. In 2014 Phillip produced a science fiction drama titled, “Manifest: the Chryzinium Era”. In 2016, the brothers financed, produced, wrote, and directed the sci-fi feature film, “Mount Adams”. The film has been licensed by Glass House Distribution for an international release in 2021.

Timotheus Hucklestone 

Tim’s passion for acting and filmmaking began at an early age. He is an actor, writer and producer. His short films have been featured at film festivals around the world, including the Västerås Film Festival and the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. His 2016 short film, Dude in the Headlights, was rated by the Northwest Film Center in the top 8 short films of the year and received a nod in The Oregonian. Over the years he’s worked and consulted with visual effects artists and animators from The Dark Knight, Gravity, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dreamworks Animation. He is perhaps best known for his film collaborations with his older brother Phillip Wade.

Just B. Jordan
Producer/Writer/social media manager/costumes/props

Jordan began her career by writing fantasy novels. Her first, Never to Live, was acquired by Enclave publishing when she was seventeen. It was a Clive Staples Award finalist and won the Parable award in 2019. Her second novel, To Ashes We Run, was a Parable award finalist in 2020. Her short stories have been published by magazines like Splickety and Havok. “Life Cycle 63” won an Editor’s Choice award in 2020 and was a Reader’s Favorite runner-up. “Small Hours” and “Sun Eater” were 2021 finalists in the Realm Awards’ audio short category. The “Mount Adams” feature film marked her first endeavor in script writing.

Her interest in creating costumes has led her to also manage our costume and prop departments. You can often find her drafting a pattern for a character’s outfit concept, weathering or restoring vintage props, or even making alien plants and creatures out of foam or silicone.

Matthew O'Donnell (Matt Wow) Actor
Matthew O’Donnell
PRODUCER/Actor/Set construction & Design

Meet Matthew, a film set construction guru with a sense of humor as sharp as his saw. When he’s not busy building movie magic, he’s cracking jokes and making everyone on set laugh. With his trusty tool belt and witty one-liners, Matthew has become a staple in our company, always bringing his A-game and his comedic timing. He’s a soon-to-be master at constructing sets that look great on camera, but he’s even better at constructing puns that will leave you rolling your eyes (in a good way). When you work with Matthew, you know you’re in for a good time and a set that’s sure to be the talk of the town (or at least the talk of the craft services table)

Phoebe Belibee
Human Resources Manager

Phoebe is results-driven with nearly 8 years of experience. She is highly people-focused, strategic, and innovative in translating our company’s vision into systems that improve performance and employee engagement. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Barkly in 2014. From there she worked at Petclever and Chew’n, growing the companies by 22%. We are very lucky to have her in the Ambition team!

Phoebe is skilled at:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Staff and Employee Selection
  • Bargaining Relations
  • Reward Systems
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Punctuality at Meal Times


Matthew May
Producer / 1st AD

Matt is known for Dante’s Peak (1997)Gone (2012), and Pig (2021). He is a Producer and First Assistant Director on Life Cycle 63. He has previously specialized in the camera and electrical department, and is providing us with invaluable input in those areas.

Jeffery Schneider
Producer / 1st AC

Jeff is known for Terrible Angels (2012), and Dying for Living (2023). As well as being a Producer on Life Cycle 63, he is providing additional cameras, gear, and a vast knowledge of cinematography. 

Albert Tablanza
PRODUCER / Lighting

Albert is known for Free Willy 2 (1995), The Postman (1997), and Wild (2014). He is a producer on Life Cycle 63. He is also providing us a wealth of knowledge as an electrician, and all of the lights we are using on set – including lights that were used on The Wizard of Oz set in 1939!

John Strauch


Danny Weiss

Dan Weiss is a film Producer, Author, and UFO Researcher. He was one of the producers on “Mount Adams” (2021). He orchestrated production design and transportation, as well as organization and collaboration. He is currently producing “Escape to Hollow Earth,” a film based on his novel of the same name. Dan is also a co-producer on the Mountain of Mysteries.


Gregory Dean
BTS Photographer

Greg was the BTS photographer for Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993). He engages in a full-time career as a commercial photographer. Photographic services he provides are in online marketing, advertising illustrations, including architectural designers, interior designers, re-modelers, real estate professionals, corporate events as well as publicity and portfolio development for models, actors and musical artists.