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Badlands Filming Trip, Day 2!

Day Two of #intothebadlands!
We were snowed in over night, but fortunately the truck stop we were at had a breakfast diner! After we ate we checked on the roads and slid on out.
We had a mountain pass to climb that was a little scary in the RV – we had to speed up to get over some iced hills, but we had no traction. 😬

Things went pretty well once we got off the pass. We had several hours of fairly clear weather.
Once it started getting dark, it started to snow. Then we hit highways that were iced over. We went down to 40mph. Our other car started having issues with spray from the road freezing on their windshield almost instantly. We had to stop several times to scrape it off just so they could see.
Near the end of the night I thought I felt us hit a giant pothole, but it was actually a deer.
The guys in the car behind us said they saw it running across the road, then it hit and turned into a poof of fur.
We have no idea what happened to the poor thing after that. Miraculously the only damage we found was a broken headlight, so we were able to make it into Salt Lake City before calling it for the night.
We had more mountain roads to climb after this, and didn’t want to risk it in the dark and bad weather, even though we were behind.
We hoped our bad luck was behind us…but the next day had some stunts left to pull. 

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Ambition Pictures Badlands Trip - Deer Hit RV

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