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The Badlands Filming Trip, Day 1!

Badlands Filming Trip, Day One!

In January the core crew of Ambition Pictures headed out to the Badlands to shoot the first portion of Life Cycle 63, our current feature film project! We documented the process and are putting together daily BTS videos of the trip. We were gone for a total of 3 weeks!

We had to drive 3 days to get there, and had a lot of bad luck on the way. We knew this trip would be rough, but by the end it had nearly broken us…

We got the RV the day before we left. There were some delays at the rental place, so our whole schedule was set back. We finished up last minute costumes and props, then organized and packed the RV. Jordan left the studio around 10pm to finish packing things at home. The guys finished packing and painting props, arriving at the house between 12-2am.
In the morning we had to get up and pack the last things that we’re at our house. Then we hit the road!
Travel was good for the first few hours, although driving a 32’ RV is stressful!
As evening came on, it got colder and colder. It started snowing, and eventually the back mountain road was pure snow and ice. Our cars started sliding around, and we knew we had a hilly, windy mountain pass up ahead.
We slid into a truck stop, basically stranded until conditions got better, losing several hours of travel that day.
We also couldn’t get the RV heater going, so we didn’t have heat that night.
The guys salvaged the evening by pulling cookies on the electronic bike we’d brought.
We spent the night alongside truckers and hoped we could get out of the lot in the morning.

For all of our movie-making vlogs and BTS photos, go to instagram.com/ambitionpicturesofficial!

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