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Ambition Pictures

Mount Adams Premiere

On October 3rd, 2021, the Ambition Pictures team held a small red carpet premiere of Mount Adams for the cast, crew, and their friends and family. The film was shown locally in Oregon – one of the states it was filmed in.

Several actors were in attendance, including Greg James (Ranger Bill), Matthew O’Donnell (Thomas), Tom Avila (Willy), Stephen O’Donnell (Louis), and  a few extras.

The creators of the film, Phillip and Tim Wade, were glad to have the chance to celebrate the release of Mount Adams with those involved in the film.

“It was a five year journey to make” said Tim. Phillip added, “This is our celebration of its completion. Mount Adams is a fun, campy movie, and it’s a testament to what you can do as 22-year-olds with a bare-bones crew and budget. We hope people enjoy it for what it is.”


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